Bread Making Workshops & Bread Club Training


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Our aim is to get people making and sharing real bread which is better for us, our communities and the planet.

Learn, bake, eat, socialize and change the world together one loaf at a time


Come and bake with us at the Lewes Community Kitchen where we have a delicious programme of hands on and inspiring workshops. including: Sourdough baking,  Continental Breads, Jewish Breads, Russian Breads, Flat Breads and many more.

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Bread Club Training – a five module hands on training empower local people to set up a social enterprise which make and supplies affordable Real Bread to their communities:

Improve your cookery, baking, planning and business skills. Learn how to make a portfolio of delicious breads and baked goods. Join a Bread Club or get support with setting up your own bread project.

GraphicLewes Bread Club

We set up community Lewes Bread Club in 2011.

We are a non for profit community bakery run by the club bakers. We meet regularly, bake together and distribute our organic, long fermented bread to our extended club members.  We use locally grown organic stoneground flour and bake together because its rewarding, social, physical and it gives us a sense of place and purpose!

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We are a proud member of the Real Bread Campaign