Turkish Vegetarian Cookery and Baking

Join us for a feast of Turkish vegetarian food, bread and baked goods Join us for a feast of Turkish food We will start with a breakfast of sesame crusted Simit rings served with Menemen,

Introduction to Sourdough baking

Learn the fundamentals of sourdough baking The workshop will include: how to make, maintain and use a sourdough starter the benefits of sourdough baking dough craft, timings, temperature control & bakers percentages We’ll make: –

Levantine cooking and baking

A cookery and baking workshop with dishes from across the Levant A very special workshop on the food and bread of the Levant – the lands on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea which include Israel, Jordan,

Cooking for Carers – Gluten Free Baking

Learn to make gluten free cake, rough puff pastry, polenta & almond shortbread and roast vegetable farinata This workshop will focus on straight forward and wholesome gluten free baking. We’ll make a delicious fruit cake,