Cooking Up Change

Cooking Up Change – In August, I received an interesting proposal from Charlene Collison from Forum for the Future, an independent non-profit organisation which works globally with business, government and other organisations to solve complex

Coexist Community Kitchen

Coexist Community Kitchen – In the heart of Bristol is lies Coexist, a unique community hub which amongst scores of other wellbeing activities hosts the wonderful Coexist Community Kitchen. I recently spent a few days

The Love of Bread

  The Love of Bread – I started my bready adventure when as 9 years old reprobate my mum deposited me with a “friend” of hers for a few hours. It so happens that this

What are Bread Clubs?

What are Bread Clubs? – Bread Clubs are generally a social activity where enthusiasts meet to bake bread together while sharing resources, experience, skills and knowledge Bread clubs can also function as micro-businesses where members pool

Bread Club Training

Bread Club Training – Thursdays – 24 April, 1,8, 15 & 22 May 10.00 – 14.00 Five week training at the Lewes Community Kitchen for people who want to learn to make and share real