South Indian Recipes

South Indian Recipes – My kitchen has been awash with exquisite smells and flavours in preparation for our celebration of South Indian food We’re making Appam, a rice and coconut crepe served with fresh mango

North Indian Recipies

I love my work, but some days make me happier than others. Teaching my favourite North Indian Recipes to an enthusiastic and  hungry class was just perfect. We started with aloo paratha, wholemeal flatbreads stuffed

Coexist Community Kitchen

Coexist Community Kitchen – In the heart of Bristol is lies Coexist, a unique community hub which amongst scores of other wellbeing activities hosts the wonderful Coexist Community Kitchen. I recently spent a few days

The Love of Bread

  The Love of Bread – I started my bready adventure when as 9 years old reprobate my mum deposited me with a “friend” of hers for a few hours. It so happens that this

What are Bread Clubs?

What are Bread Clubs? – Bread Clubs are generally a social activity where enthusiasts meet to bake bread together while sharing resources, experience, skills and knowledge Bread clubs can also function as micro-businesses where members pool

Bread Club Training

Bread Club Training – Thursdays – 24 April, 1,8, 15 & 22 May 10.00 – 14.00 Five week training at the Lewes Community Kitchen for people who want to learn to make and share real