South Indian Recipes

Photograph - Sambar powder - South Indian Recipes

sambar powder – roast gram dal, tavor dal, coriander, fenugreek & cumin seeds, black pepper & ground red chilli

South Indian Recipes – My kitchen has been awash with exquisite smells and flavours in preparation for our celebration of South Indian food

We’re making Appam, a rice and coconut crepe served with fresh mango followed by Uttapam, a spongy pancake made with fermented rice and lentils, served with Sambar, a peppery soup with drumstick & tamarind.

Following that we have lemon rice served with two coconut curries, Avial, a mild  aubergine curry laced with curry leaves & yoghurt and Thoran, a dry carrot and cabbage dish with freshly grated coconut.

For pudding we have a sweet and delicious mango falooda

If you fancy making these yourself, download the recipes here: South Indian Recipes

Photograph - Fresh Coconut and Curry Leaves - South Indian Recipes

fresh coconut and curry leaves

Photograph - Drumstick - Muringa Pod - South Indian Recipes

drumstick – muringa pod

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