Kew Science Festival

We are delighted to be demonstrating our Food for the Future menu at Kew Gardens 0n the 20 and 21 July. We’ll be setting up a kitchen as part of the science cafe and doing double acts with some of Kew’s most esteemed scientists including yam expert Paul Wilkins and grain specialist Philippa Ryan. We’ll be preparing a Nigerian meal of fried yam balls with spicy peanut sauce and crispy fried okra. Then we’ll head to southern Africa and make maize pap with chakalakka stew, cooked greens and probiotic amasi. We’ll finish with food from the Nubian people of Sudan and Egypt making one of the oldest recorded sourdough breads, Shamsi or Sun bread. We’ll serve this with Tirimis, lupin bean stew served with rainbow chard and tahini sauce.

You can down load our recipes here:

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