Cookery Demonstrations & Workshops in Schools


Photograph - Children Cooking - SchoolsCommunity chef has worked with over 200 schools across London and the South East.

We link our cookery demonstrations and workshops to the curriculum, school projects and strategic programmes such as Food For Life and Eco Schools:

We also run inset days for staff focussing on teamwork, food and well-being, these are some of the demonstrations we regularly deliver:

Dig for Victory

Food during the 2nd World War

When in Rome eat as the Romans do

The Tudor Kitchen

Food from around the world

Five-a-day flavours

Food & the five senses


Food & citizenship


We also run master classes for secondary school food technology students and these hands on workshops for key stage 1 and 2 students

Tasty Lunchbox Day

School-focused interactive tasting and cookery workshops for children, and training for parents and staff on preparing and packing healthier and tastier lunchboxes.

Good Food for All

Socio-political workshops and inset days exploring local, national and global food issues, such as fair trade, food sovereignty, food miles and obesity. Participants get to find out about local community food projects and learn practical skills for ensuring good food for all.

Healthy Transitions

A series of school based workshops which use cookery and creative group activities to help improve children’s physical and emotional health and well-being, and to help make the transition from primary school to secondary school a positive and enjoyable process.

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