Community Orchards


Photograph - People working with apples - Orchards

Working in partnership with Action in Rural Sussex and now Brighton Permaculture Trust we have been involved in the planting of small orchards, with local heritage varieties of apples, pears, cherries and plums, in over 80 schools and community spaces across Sussex. More are planned!

We do this predominantly in order to help people reconnect with one local source of food. School and community orchards practically demonstrate the connection between growing, cooking and eating, promote and normalise fruit eating and leave a sustainable community legacy for several generations to use and enjoy. School and community orchards are a valuable community building resource, uniting students, staff and parents in a common purpose.

We offer the following school orchard services:

  • Hands-on fruit cookery workshops for children and parents
  • Curriculum linked cookery demonstrations
  • Orchard planning and design
  • Tree planting workshops with a professional gardener

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