Broad bean pâté

Broad bean pâté takes a few minutes to make and will keep for two days if refrigerated. You can use it as a pâté, or thin it out with a little lemon to make a dip, or use it as the base for a stir through pasta sauce. If you use quark, this dip is virtually fat free. You can add stronger flavoured herbs like rosemary and thyme, but in smaller amounts. A couple of tbsp of chopped olives or sundried tomatoes makes a delicious addition to this dish.

Makes 400g

2 handfuls fresh or frozen broad beans
1 small bunch of parsley
1 small bunch mint
250g low fat cream cheese (2%) 0r 250g quark (fat free curd cheese)
1 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar
Salt and pepper

1. Steam the broad beans until tender and then refresh in cold water.

2. Wash,dry and finely chop the herbs.

3. Mash the beans together with the herbs, lemon juice or vinegar, cream cheese and season with salt and black pepper.