Pan Indian Cookery Tour -Recipes

pav bahjiHere are some recipes from our culinary journey across India.
Our exploration starts with the most popular South Indian breakfast of Idli Sambar, a rice flour dumpling with peppery lentil soup and coconut chutney.
Moving up the East coast snack on Bhel Puri, Mumbai’s favourite street food, puffed rice salad with tamarind dressing.
Crossing inland to the heart of Maharashtra, eat Pav Bhaji, the greatest comfort food on the planet, a rich and spicy potato curry served on a soft sweet bun.
In Gujarat, eat Bhindi Sabzi , a fiery okra curry served with Chaas, spiced buttermilk. End the tour in the Punjab, with Chapatis, Chilli Paneer, fried cheese in a capsicum gravy & Methi Dal, fenugreek spiced yellow peas.


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